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Citroen, French Sophistication and Style

Citroen motor vehicles are the French Car par excellence. The company was first established in 1919 by Andre Gustav Citroen, a French Industrialist. Citroen was the first European mass production car company. They pioneered the integration of sales and service with production and produced a whole range of iconic cars, including the 2CV and the Citroen DS. Merging with Peugeot in 1976, Citroen managed to hold its own in a highly competitive world market. The brand has built up a reputation for reliability and is making headway in China against stiff opposition from Germany companies. It is possible to find a Brisbane Citroen and a range of different models to suit a variety of needs. The importance of both sales and service is still very much alive today.

Brisbane CitroenCitroen’s on offer

A good Brisbane Citroen dealer can offer a variety of models. Looking at one particular model, the Prestige – a Brisbane prestige has the following features:

  • 2015 DS4 THP 210 Prestige: This is a 5 door coupe. It has a 6 speed manual transmission. The engine is a 4 cylinder 1600cc (1598) turbo charged petrol engine. With a top speed of 146 mph or just under 264 kph, this is a very fast vehicle. The engine produces 208 bhp (brake horse power) at 6000 rpm. The acceleration is 0.62 mph or 9.9 kph in 7.8 seconds.
  • Citroen DS4: Another variation of this vehicle has a 120kw turbo charged diesel and petrol engine. This is again, a 5 door coupe Citroen. Both use a 6 speed automatic gearbox. Safety is an important feature of this vehicle. There are systems that can detect a “blind spot” when driving. A visibility warning shows up in the door mirror if there is a problem that has not been seen. There is also a cruise control and a programmable speed limiter that will be an aid in long distance driving.

Meanwhile, there is still a range of other Brisbane Citroen cars that can be considered. Looking specifically now at a smaller model, the Citroen D3 and also the C4 Picasso:

  • 2015 Citroen D3: This is very much the small town car. It comes in a variety of engine sizes. An additional 1.2 3 cylinder turbo charged petrol engine has been added to the established 1.4 cc and 1.6 cc 4 cylinder petrol versions. There are equivalent diesel engines. This car is supplied with extensive air bags, two at the front and four air bags in the rear. It has a blue tooth facility as well.
  • Citroen Grand C4 Picasso: The SUV market is a very competitive market and Citroen managed to produce a car that matches the opposition. This family car has a Blue HD Euro 6 diesel engine. This can run for 100 Km on 4.5 litres of fuel in a variety of situations. Only 117 grams of CO2 are produced. The removal rate for nitrogen is 90%. Citroen does not just consider performance but it has an overall commitment to produce a fuel efficient “green” vehicle.

Both demo and used cars are available with a range of reputable makes and models. There are options if you’re looking for a Brisbane new car dealer or Brisbane used car dealer that offers great Citroen vehicles.

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